Kishore Bharati Members

Staff Members (Year-1973)

Sankata Prasad and Devta Deen Mishra are experienced village extension workers from a Sarvodaya project in Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh. Sankata looks after the Cement Unit, Brick Kiln work and construction of buildings, and deals with the Block Development people whenever necessary. Devta manages the farm and leads extension work for cattle development programme.

Anil Sadgopal, who has a Ph.D. in Bio- chemistry from the California Institute of Technology, USA, and has worked in the Molecular Biology Unit of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, is over-all co-ordinator of the project and particularly involved in the educational programme.

Ravi Chugh, experienced in working with machines, has been trained in a Faridabad industry in the manufacture of chokes and will soon initiate the project. In addition, he assists in office admini- stration.

Dalpat Danidharia has a B. A. in Rural Studies, with special training in animal husbandry, from Lok Bharati, Gujarat. He is chiefly responsible for the activities of the cattle development programme.

Anand Patwardhan, who is a graduate in Sociology from Brandeis University, USA, and has worked with a farm-workers’ union under the leadership of Cesar Chavez in California, is mainly concerned
with education and the social problems of the villages.

Rex D’Rozario, until recently Sub-editor of Science Today (a Times of India Publication from Bombay), is experienced in journalism and mass communication methods. At Kishore Bharati, he assists in the farm and shares responsibilities in fund-raising and related work. Rex also prepares audio-visual aids for the Science Teaching Programme.

Jagdish Mishra, an experienced accountant from the Sarvodaya movement, is stationed at Friends Rural Centre. He spends part of his time maintaining Kishore Bharati’s accounts.

Anita Anand, Sundar Burra and Rashid Shaikh, shared between Friends Rural Centre and Kishore Bharati, were with us until recently. Anita, a graduate in Education from the University of Calcutta, was largely responsible for the administration of the Science Teaching Programme during its early stages.

Sundar, a graduate in Philosophy from Brandeis University, USA, looked after the fund-raising work and helped in administration. Rashid, an M.Sc. from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, was responsible for the follow-up and development of the kit and work-book for the Science Teaching Programme.

Volunteers (Year-1973)

Nandita Haksar, a young graduate from Delhi, was with us for a month during the Orientation Course this year. She helped with the office work and in the preparation of the school kits for the Science Teaching Programme.

Sudarshan Kapur, Co-ordinator of the Friends Rural Centre, has spent a great deal of his energies in helping us to procure the land, and to plan the farming, irrigation and cattle development programmes. He also shares the administrative responsibilities of the Science Teaching Programme, Sudarshan’s help in winning the backing and trust of the local people is particularly appreciated.

Ishwarbhai Rawal and Popatbhai Savani, students of Horticulture and Rural Co-operation respectively at Lok Bharati, spent a month each at Kishore Bharati. Ishwarbhai started a nursery and garden and Popatbhai assisted on the farm.

Subhash Shah, a lawyer from Bombay, looks after Kishore Bharati’s legal affairs and fund-raising. We have continuously benefited from his willing support and advice.

Asha Sippy, who was at the Friends Rural Centre until recently, has given us invaluable support by looking after Kishore Bharati’s correspondence and by helping in the fund-raising work.

Executive Committee (1973-74)

Name & Details

Shri Mahesh Bhogilal, Shree Ram Mills Ltd., Batliboi & Co. Priv. Ltd, Profession: Business Management & Industry, Office Held: Member

Shri Jyotibhai Desai, Gandhi Vidyapeeth, Vedchhi, District Surat, Gujarat 394640, Profession: Rural Education, Sarvodaya Work, Office Held: Chairman

Smt. Ansuya Dutt, Bombay Mutual Chambers, Law, Office held: Member

Dr. Vasu Nori, Shirish Patel & Associates, Structural Engineering, Office held: Member

Dr. (Smt.) Shubhada Pandya, Acworth Leprosy Hospital, Medical Research, Office held: Treasurer

Dr. Anil Sadgopal, Kishore Bharati, Science & Rural Development, Office held: Secretary

Shri Baldev Sidhu, Sibo Agencies, Bussiness, Office held: Member

Shri. Suresh Suratwala, Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Rural Development, Office held: Member

Smt. Geeta Athreya (Kolkata), Shri Ramesh Kundalia (Hyderabad) and Shri Subhash Shah (Bombay) have all been members of Executive Committee for varying lengths of time in the past.

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List of members associated with Kishore Bharati
List of members associated with Kishore Bharati