Farming & Horticulture

Farming was undertaken on a substantial scale on the Kishore Bharati Campus land. This gave opportunity to all the Team members to learn the art and science of farming so that we come to appreciate the problems faced by the village community and help them to resolve the problem. On the other hand, the villagers with generations of farming-related knowledge also visited our fields and taught us how to improve our own farming operations. Thus it became a two-way learning process and enriched our dialogue with them..

किशोर भाारती परिसर में काफ़ी बड़े पैमाने पर खेती की जाती थी। इसके दो मकसद थे। पहला, किशोर भारती टीम के सभी सदस्यों को खेती के काम में हिस्सा लेने व उससे सीखने का मौका मिले ताकि अगर गांव के लोग कुछ जानना चाहें या बताना चाहें तो हम संवाद कर सकें। दूसरा, गांव के लोगों के पास पीढ़ी-दर-पीढ़ी से इकट्ठा किया समृद्ध ज्ञान था जिससे हम भी कुछ सीख सकें। इस तरह खुद खेती का तज़ुर्बा लेने से हमारे और गांव के बीच का आपसी संवाद सार्थक होता था और समृद्ध भी।

एक और ज़रूरी बात। नई तालीम कार्यक्रम के तहत बच्चे और उनके शिक्षक यानी किशोर भारती टीम के सदस्य मिलकर खेती के प्रयोग और उत्पादन करते थे जिसका हिसाब-किताब और बाज़ार में बिक्री का काम खुद ही रखते थे जिसके ज़रिए ज़मीन का रकबा नापने, तोलने, खाद का प्रबंधन व खर्च, सिंचाई में बिजली खर्च और बाज़ार में बेचने का काम और मुनाफ़े-घाटे का हिसाब भी करते थे।

Sprinkling Fertilizer

खाद छिड़कते हुए

Preparing land for the sowing season by ploughing it with two pairs of bullock-driven ploughs. The bullocks and the ploughs were normally rented from the farmers of Palia Pipariya village where Kishore Bharati campus was located. At the back, the building is the Office block. The ready-made concrete rings, made for Ring Wells at Kishore Bharati, waiting to be sold to farmers can be seen. The big heap at the back is of Gitti (small pieces of stone) brought from the river bed of a village about 10 km away for making the concrete rings.



Paddy Transplantion which is a highly technical and back-breaking laborious task, calling for expertise. Women are traditionally considered as experts. Hence, Kishore Bharati would enter into a negotiated contract every year. Negotiations were invariably done with the women who would know the total time and labour involved in the task just by looking at the area to be covered and argue for every paisa which they deserved to earn. On behalf of Kishore Bharati, these negotiations were conducted by Devta bhai, the senior-most member of the Kishore Bharati team, was from a village in U.P. and old enough to have a rich experience in negotiations.