Phase IV

Phase IV (1988-92): Towards Winding Up of the Rural Campus

A major debate ensued from 1988 onwards around the following questions:

  • What are the limits of institutional framework (particularly its campus-based form) and its organizational implications in catalyzing social transformation?
  • What are the limits of role model (i.e KB’s various programmes) as a tool of social transformation?
  • What are the limits of building public pressure, both from within (through Govt. Committees like the Teachers’ Commission) and without (HSTP; EKLAVYA)?
  • Isn’t KB becoming a NGO and losing its missionary zeal by becoming trapped in internal squabbles and petty issues?
  • Isn’t KB likely to become a Mathh (WS) like institution, just like various Gandhian AShrams, Religious Centres or Ramakrishan Missions, if we continue like this?

After in-depth prolonged debates with KB staff and well-wishers and examination of various creative alternatives, the EC finally decided in 1989-90 to wind up the 150-acre rural campus and hand over the land along with all the immoveable assets (amounting to more than 30 Lacs) to the state government.

This decision was implemented by 1991-92.