Title: The Paradox of Rural Development in India, The Devapur Experience

Author: Suresh Suratwala

Introduction by: Anil Sadgopal

Edited by: Rajendra Hardenia

Published by: Kishore Bharati, February, 2020

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Title: जनसंख्या नियंत्रण के मिथक और पितृसत्ता की जंजीरो को तोड़कर

Compiled & Edited by: शशि मौर्य

Published by: किशोर भारती, मार्च, 2016

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Title: शिक्षा में पीपीपी सार्वजनिक-निजी ‘साझेदारी’ या नवउदारवादी लूट?

Author: अनिल सद्गोपाल

Published by: किशोर भारती, अक्तूबर, 2013

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Title: सवालों से उजाले तक जन आंदोलन में विज्ञान की भूमिका

Author: डॉ. अनिल सद्गोपाल

Published by: किशोर भारती, जून, 2015

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Title: आखिर, समान स्कूल व्यवस्था है क्या? मूल शीर्षक- भारत शिक्षित कैसे बने? अखिर समान स्कूल व्यवस्था क्या है? सवाल आपके जवाब हमारे

Author: सुनील

Published by: किशोर भारती, अप्रैल, 2014

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Title: डालर की चाल ने, जहर घोला भोपाल में – वैश्वीकरण के मुहाने पर सरकार और कॉरपोरेट पूंजी कि सांठगांठ की कहानी

Author: डॉ. अनिल सद्गोपाल

Published by: किशोर भारती, दिसंबर, 2009

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Title: भारत शिक्षित कैसे बने? सावल आपके, जवाब हमारे

Author: सुनील

Published by: किशोर भारती, अप्रैल, 2014

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Title: रुका हुआ फैसला, ठहरा हुआ दर्द और उबरता हुआ आक्रोश

Author: शशि मौर्य

Published by: किशोर भारती, दिसंबर, 2014

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Title: भगतसिंह की शहादत को आज याद करना जरूरी क्यों है?

Authors: अनिल सद्गोपाल, कनक शशि

Published by: किशोर भारती, सितंबर, 2013

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Title: एक सामाजिक प्रयोग को समटने पर

Author: सक्षिप्र रपट

Published by: किशोर भारती, नवंबर, 1991

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Title: औरतों की स्थिति में देशों का क्रम: गरीब निर्बल और गर्भवती

Translated by: सुशील जोशी

Published by: किशोर भारती, जनवरी, 1989

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Title: Kishore Bharati Progress Report

Published by: Kishore Bharati, September, 1973

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Title: संघर्ष और निर्माण- शंकर गुहा नियोगी और उनका नए भारत का सपना

Edited by: अनिल सद्गोपाल (किशोर भारती) और श्याम बहादुर ‘नम्र’

Published by: राजकमल प्रकाशन, सितंबर,1993

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Title: Neo-Liberal Assault On Higher Education -An Agenda for Putting India on Sale

Compiled & Edited by: Anil Sadgopal

Published by: AIFRTE, October, 2014

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Title: Never A Dull Moment, Academic Narrative of Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme

Author: Sushil Joshi

Translated by: Rex D’Rozario

Foreword by: Vijaya S.Varma

Published by: Eklavya Publication, December, 2014

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Nai Taleem Articles:

Article by Prof. Anil Sadgopal on DECIPHERING POLICY DISCOURSE ON THE PLACE OF WORK IN CURRICULUM. The article is relevant to understand Nai Taleem and the history of policy discourses on integrating work with education in India.

Article by Prof. Anil Sadgopal on ‘The Pedagogic Essence of Nai Talim- Reconstructing its Role in Contemporary Curriculum’. It gives an overview of Nai Taleem and how the integration of work with education can serve as a radical departure from Bhraminical-cum-colonial paradigm insofar as it challenges the dichotomy between work and education by placing manual work at the center of the school curriculum itself, thus challenging caste-class barriers through education.

CUBE Articles:

CUBE Hindi article published by Shaikshanik Sandarbh, 2021 covering research project-based science learning in CUBE

CUBE-undergraduates-in-lockdown-sustaining-research-projects-with-cube-home-labs published by IndiaBioscience, 2020

CUBE, in pandemic times, CUBE is functioning by students creating labs in their homes, called Home Labs, where they perform experiments, and in evening meet everyday online in Chatshaala sessions to discuss about their projects. This article is published in Indiabioscience, by CUBists sharing their experience of their Home Labs during pandemic.

CUBE Marathi article published by Shikshan Sankraman, 2020 covering how students learn science by experimenting and collaborating with each other in CUBE

CUBE-Coolest Lab in Town article published by Mumbai Mirror, 2018 covering aspects of how biology can be taught and learnt across country in a different manner by doing it

CUBE article: Out-of-the-box education project ignites young minds published by Times of India, 2013 covering problems of research oriented education in India and introduces aspects and major aims of CUBE program initiated at HBCSE,TIFR