Celebrating CUBE Home Labs Anniversary: Home Labs are Possible

By | March 25, 2022

CUBE entered into its 3rd year of continuation of Home Lab movement, on this occasion an event was planned to celebrate Home Labs with presentations by Cubists of Elphinstone college, Mumbai. Several model systems like Earthworm, Hydra, Fruit Fly, Moina, Phyllanthus and so on were presented by Cubists, and it was presentated how these model systems can be cultured without much sophistication in Home Labs, and several topics of biology can be understood, studied and researched using them.
These lab setups in Homes provide a readily available context to perform science, design experiments, understand concepts, as well as learn scientific methodology through involving in investigations.
The demonstration that one can can create a Lab in Home is a fabulous innovation which was appreciated by participants from different colleges of Mumbai, and several participants were excited to initiate their own home labs. CUBE fresh participants who joined the event were invited to join CUBE community groups, where they are currently being engaged.
A feedback response from the participants was invited post-event which showed several positive responses towards Home Labs Movement… This celebration exhibits that creating a lab at Home without much sophisticated facilities is possible, and proves Obaid Siddiqi’s idea about science that ‘Sophistication is required in mind, not in lab’.

Poster of Event for Celebrating CUBE Home Labs Anniversary
Group Photo of Participants from different parts of country who joined the event to celebrate Home Labs Anniversary


Video recording of Celebrating CUBE Home Labs Anniversary Event

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