Welcome to Kishore Bharati (Copy)

Kishore Bharati is a 52-year-old volunteer-driven organization founded in November 1970 in Mumbai by a group of activists and professionals with roots in science, social science, social work, engineering, medicine, law, management, mass communication, and education. The initial group was ignited by the Gandhian vision of reconstructing India’s education system to catalyze social transformation and self-reliance and, most importantly, liberate villages from their endemic poverty.

Anil Sadgopal the founding member and architect of Kishore Bharati engaging with children
HSTP students learning in the field. Learning happened in the local context where children live
The Nai Taleem model
It has been a custom to capture a group photo of all participants during each CUBE meet. This still continues in the online CUBE meets where all participants turn on their cameras when a group photo is to be clicked
Here is the story of the making of HOME Labs by CUBists shared during “Chai and Why Session”