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Education and the Constitution Talks at IISER, Pune

Prof. Anil Sadgopal presented his series of talks at IISER Pune organized by Disha organization on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Independence Day . The first talk was delivered on 17th August, 2022 on the theme, ‘Pre-Independence Discourse: Laying the foundation for the constitutional vision of education‘ The Video of talk is available on… Read More »

Paper on Work and Education presented at AIPSN Conference, Bhopal

The paper was written by Prof.Anil Sadgopal for presentation at 17th All India People’s Science Network Conference organized in Bhopal from 6th to 9th June, 2022. The paper was read in workshop at AIPSN conference which was participated by Kishore Bharati members Prof. Arunan and Prof. G.Nagarjuna. The paper gives a brief introduction on the… Read More »

Commencement of CUBE National Meet 2022 (28th June to 2nd July 2022)

Popularizing Science Education through HOME LAB Network CUBE National Meet was conducted from 28th June to 2nd July, participants from all across country who are working on several science projects in their home labs joined and presented their work. CUBE national meet gave students the platform to interact and share their work with others and… Read More »

CUBE-Kishore Bharati collaboration with All India Peoples’ Science Network for National Scientific Temperament Day Events

We are happy to announce that CUBE-Kishore Bharati is collaborating with All India Peoples’ Science Network (AIPSN) to celebrate upcoming National Scientific Temperament Day which is going to take place across different regions in Maharashtra. There are several science organizations including Maharashtra Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS) as a part of this forum, the theme for… Read More »

State Platform for Common School System- Tamil Nadu (SPCSS-TN)

In Commemoration of the 132nd Birthday of Babasaheb Dr. B.R Ambedkar, National Convention on “Education and Democracy through the prism of Constitution” A national convention was organized on ‘Education and Democracy through the Prism of the Constitution’ in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, where Prof. Anil… Read More »

Celebrating CUBE Home Labs Anniversary: Home Labs are Possible

CUBE entered into its 3rd year of continuation of Home Lab movement, on this occasion an event was planned to celebrate Home Labs with presentations by Cubists of Elphinstone college, Mumbai. Several model systems like Earthworm, Hydra, Fruit Fly, Moina, Phyllanthus and so on were presented by Cubists, and it was presentated how these model… Read More »

‘Populating India with STEM Spectators: Gully Cricket Model of Spreading STEM Culture’

Conference on Integrating Science with Society, 15-16 December 2018, Jadavpur University, Breakthrough Science Society Session 4: Reforming Science Education The session was chaired by Prof. Narayan Banerjee, Professor, IISER Kolkata. Prof M C Arunan, CUBE Lab, Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai In India, there is a serious dearth of spectators for Science,… Read More »

Darwin Day Celebration, 2022

CUBists presenting their work to fresh participants of ZSK National Webinar on CUBE: A new approach in Biology Education as a part of Darwin day celebration, 2022 Please watch this video to know about CUBE’s Gully Cricket Model: An Approach to Biology Education & Research